Monday, July 28, 2008

The iconic Future

To me we are living in the David Bowie, William Gibson, Ridley Scott future. A blend of all of it.

I'm Afraid Of Americans. A good soundtrack for the world right now?

All that density, anxiety, mundaness of the amazingly cybernetic, continual state of rebuilding, and multicultural that only has meaning in the now, would have been surreal in the past.

I am working in online massively multiplayer games for god's sake. How do I not think about the millions of people who have extended the meaning of their existence into this realm?

I worked in the online social media space. How can I not think of how the world really hasn't changed but the ease of information bleed makes it seem like the world is more complicated that it was? WHen really its the same mechanics, the same factors under a more revealing UI?

Excuse the mental masturbation.

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