Friday, November 21, 2008


After a long haitus....Here I am. Still in Korea. Still working in games. But I have been thinking about Marvel.

I remember when comic book movies used to be so badly handled not just from the content point of view but in how they were marketed, how they were made, franchise management, and well just in how they were conceived. I believe that started to change when Marvel brought everything in house....essentially took back control of their IP and decided to do things their way instead of leaving it to the vagaries of Hollywood's labyrinthe and soul sucking studios.

So why can't they do that with their games? Like comic book movies long ago...licensed games have that same stink about them. You essentially know they will suck. Or be okay at best. THe way big game publishers work may not reach the ridiculous lows of the film industry ( and the film industry handles some things bettter) but with ever increasing developmental budgets and ever increasing stakes and revenue...we are going to get very close soon.

In all honesty, the way Marvel Online was handled by Microsoft was a travesty. Hell even if they wouldn't do it they still should have gotten some return on the advance milestone payments by either placing it with another publisher or selling the rights to Cryptic themselves. The most recent Spiderman games have been underwhelming. Don't get me started ont eh Fantastic Four properties. The Wolverine game...etc.

This is what Marvel should do: bring it inhouse. It worked with films. I always believe that the more you outsource your IP...the less value you will get for it.

So. Bring it in back home to the House of Ideas. That would probably pressure DC to do the same thing (even though they already have their own interactive division over at Warner. Ironic. they have it and don't tie it in closer). So then I could talk about comic book games or comic book movie games and not have to be so afraid.

IP is important. It's essential to manage it carfully and what better way to manage it then to actually utilize your IP yourself?