Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WIPI needs to die.

The Iphone clones present and upcoming from LG and Samsung are severely underwhelming. UI on these sad sad puppies are just as clunky as ever

But it is getting idiotic here in Korea. Our culture's propensity to try to average things out in every aspect of the society has led to this deficiency in innovation.

Copy Copy the leader...but don't dare take the risk of standing out...

New Zealand and the "tall poppy syndrome"....

So....they need to not have safe harbor anywhere in the that they are forced to really really execute and design for the customers instead of for production efficiency.

WIPI is a middleware standard enacted by the Korean governmetn which essentially works as a trade barrier. Its enactment in 2003 drove Nokia phones out of the Korean market after domestic companies became fearful of Sony Ericcson, RIM, and other companies joining the fray.

Meanwhile LG and Samsung face no such obstacles anywhere else in the world.

It's amazing how selective the Korean media and popular sentiment is. Complain about unfair or "subpar" products...but ignore or remain silent on the unfair and unequitable trade practices being practiced by domestic companies.

Remain silent how this lack of competition allows price gouging on an immense scale.

Get rid of WIPI. It does nothing for the consumer, nothing positive for the market, keeps things closed.

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