Sunday, June 22, 2008

Interruptus explained

So there was this 2 month interruption:

1) Working on getting ready for my CFA Level 1 exams.

2) Working on getting ready for a 700 + score on my GMAT

3) Interviewed for my perspectives on the Korean game industry ( hmm having a blog in English in Korea on an industry without too many people who can commune in English is a plus)

4) Got some interesting offers I am mulling over.

5) Working on a system where I can accomplish a "Zero Punctuation"-ish review of Korean games and web user apps. Trying to figure out how to use my Wacom tablet in the process.

6) Been working like the dickens in order to be able to attend my friend, Farhan Kazmi's, sad departure from the ranks of bachelorhood in Chicago.

7) Planning a trip to San Fran. London. Maybe Dublin. Logistics and expenses are hell.

8) GTA IV. TF2. COH. COD4. COH. AOC. and other acroynms of shameful distractions. Thankfully LSD is not one of them.

I hope to do a few more cranky overview posts and then expose you to my crank yanked Korean game reviews soon.

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BubbRubb said...

is this the farhan kazmi that lived in london in 2001?