Sunday, April 13, 2008

Korean + Japanese game companies and Race

After watching the Resident Evil 5 trailer, meditating on the complete lack of any people of color in most Korean games ( hell in Japanese games too), and the utter lack of ability to handle these characters in a nuanced way when they do....and then having the temerity to try to sell these games in overseas markets with complete and utter lack of knowledge of what your portrayals or lack of portrayals may incite? No plan for how to spin it. No plan for how to correct it. Look, if it's too late to correct anything within the game...that's fine. At least have the respect to at least try to amend or deal with issues people may have. Ignorance? Ignorance is the most profound sign of disrespect.

TARGET TARGET TARGET....communication.

Stop. You do not deserve to do business globally.

If you are going to do business on an international level, know your damn markets; know your damn targets. Most any marketer in ANY OTHER INDUSTRY even here in Korea will tell you that. But not in the Korean or Japanese game industry.

No. We just see the dollar signs and ignore the dividing lines. Lines between quality and crap. Lines between compelling and just plain offensive. Line between a good sale and just ripping people off. Line between eyeballs and eyerolls.

Korean game companies have a baaaaaad reputation worldwide among the gaming community. For the inability to communicate with the market. For the inability to market itself to the community.

Alot of that would alleviate alot of issues. Not solve them but.....

Ah hell...this post will take some time to plan. I think I need to think this one through...on the issues of race and the complete and utter lack of ability to navigate those waters that Korean and Japanese game companies show.

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